The Renaissance marked a period of change, the transition from the Medieval into the Modern era. This time period encompassed a change in many interests; cultural, political and intellectual for example. But the defining change that marks the Renaissance as a “rebirth” of culture is the artistic developments that spread.

Medieval art focused on more Religious matters, depicted in a flat, two-dimensional style with little emotion painted in the face. Renaissance art took a chance with more secular subjects and with that, a renewed aspiration to capture the beauty of nature and reflect the knowledge of human anatomy.

At the Renaissance Festival, the artisans don’t necessary embody all the characteristics that defined Renaissance art. Rather they capture the emotion and intent behind the style. Creating art uniquely their own, the vendors use their own techniques and talents to portray the beauty of life.

This event features over 100 shops with unique and handmade wares including art in various media, jewelry, clothing and costumes, weapons, pottery, shoes. Live demonstrations throughout the Realm include our Blacksmith and Glassblowing.  The festival is an ideal place to shop for unique and quality items.  

Pots Copper Fountain


The Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival is now accepting applications to the 2017 Season! If you’re interested in applying to become an artisan, please download the application below, fill it out completely, provide photos and descriptions of your work, and submit it by mailing to the address on the application.

2017 Craft Application

This is a juried event. Consideration will be based on craftsmanship, originality, and appeal to our patrons.


*Please note*

All food and beverage is done in house.